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yea im new here lol...

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madroxx   +1y
i jus got two izuzus about a month ago.. one stock an a bagged one for parts the bagged one is shot to hell an back... im new to the zus and had a question... does the suspension work jus like the nissan hardbodies? what kinda performance options are there for the four cylinders? thanks MAD
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baha   +1y
For performance, chevy made a pretty good 350 v8

Welcome to the site!
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madroxx   +1y
has anyone ever lifted a 88-95 pup?
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92zuzuman   +1y
Yeah theyre just like hardbodies, leaf springs and torsion bars. dont lift it.
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madroxx   +1y
well... i've got two trucks one is deffinately gonna get slammed but i wanna build a lifted towpig mini an i didnt wanna waste the body on my other zu because its not worth sellin its been kinda hacked on the roof an the back fire wall an the frame is seriously shot to hell an back... i can stick my entire arm off in the frame itd had been drug so much... an i had an s10 frame layin around too and wanted an opinion on a lifted zu w a 350...sounds like a hell of an idea? has it been done?
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88longbox   +1y
i am just starting a 350 swap on an 88 isuzu and there are a few others on here that are good help

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