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Drag Zu in AZ

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89isuzudragtruck   +1y
Hey everyone, I have read so much info on this site I thought I'd finally become a member...I live in AZ and I have a '89 isuzu pickup i'm building for street and race on weekends...Its still in mock up stage after all most a year but its always the last priority in my busy life...So far I have almost completed the front end and the engine is still at the shop...383 stroker with all eagle forged rotating assembly, afr aluminum heads, and tunnel ram with holley doubles, about 550 HP. The rear is a ford 9" narrowed strapped to a 4-link set up. 15x14 weld draglites with 31x16.5 hoosier slicks...Its not completely done yet and the cage is still in the process...
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baha   +1y
Man I love v8s in small trucks! Welcome to the site man more pics, more pics
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low_pup   +1y
wow thats cool man, im in az too. more pics!

did that originally have the 2.6 fuel inceted motor in it? if so and you still have it let me know, i just blew mine up in my space cab.
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89isuzudragtruck   +1y
It had the 4zd1 and it is long gone...
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