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Rodeo newbie for my son

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beech2000   +1y
Hi all,

The day has come. Just purchased 97 clean Rodeo 2WD for my 18 year old son. Ugh!
Anyway thought I would ask the forum what to expect from our new ride.

The Truck is a very clean with 145,000 Miles and interior is mint.
Tires might be due for replacement but wear is even which from my experience means
good suspension and front end.

New to Isuzu.
The vehicle has an automatic transmission. Do Isuzu's have good auto trans reputation?
V6 engine: Good? Bad? Leakers? etc...????
Rear diff: Good? Bad? bad rap?
Electrical system, starters, etc????

Love the forum and excited for my son. He loves it and we would love to hear reply.

Thanks All

Kevin and Chris
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89zues   +1y
the older rodeo v6 are junk but as far as the new ones,ive heard there pretty good. i know if there taken care of, the 4 cylinders will run 200,000 miles with basic tune ups with no problem. im on my second isuzu pickup build. the reason i know is because i was going to drop a v6 in my first one but alot of people told me that. so i didnt and 6 months after i finished the truck i hydroplaned into a bridge and totaled it. but overal the newer rodeos i think look awsome
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93zuzu89   +1y
tell him he needs to bag it. i haven't seen that body style of rodeo put on the ground before.
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