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lethalethan   +1y
Just joined up. I've been looking for an isuzu forum for quite a while. My truck is a 1991 isuzu pickup. The motor is stock but it was rebuilt less than 2k miles ago. Its dropped around 4/5 i think. Just cranked and re-indexed torsion bars with 3 inch blocks and 2 leafs pulled. I have a weber carb on order. This is only my second mini truck. My first being an ext cab mitsubishi mightymax. Here's some pics of my isuzu.

and one of the mightymax

eatinpavement   +1y
cool looks like my daily minus the mitsu wheels. welcome to the site
lethalethan   +1y
Thanks. Im planning on it being my first bagged truck. I wanna swap it to 5 lug and put some work vs-xx's on it. Nice and wide.
isuzueh   +1y
dude solid looking truck I like your taste in mini's
eatinpavement   +1y
i love works! what size and color are you going with?
lethalethan   +1y
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Hopefully im going to run these

those pictured are 17x8+47 17x9+47

I'm also considering Nismo LM-GT4's but i'll have them powder coated bronze like the work's above.

I Would like to have a nice big polished lip on the front and back, but i still want them to tuck. Are the 4x4 fenders and wider than the stock 2wd's? I know the amigo's are wide. HUGE actually. and i would run those, but i dont like how they stick out past the ends of the bumper. I may run them anyway and section and widen the bumper to match. I havent decided yet.
eatinpavement   +1y
you can always go with the amigo fenders with a toyota 4wd bumper. cool to see someone else here running painted wheels! i been thinking about getting some fatter wheels for the back of mine with a bigger lip
92zuzuman   +1y
Yo i just looked at the lm-gt4 and i love em. id love to see them on my pup but im lookin waay too far ahead
lethalethan   +1y
Same here. I wont be getting any type of rims until my motor is built and it's bagged. But it's always good to think ahead.
lethalethan   +1y
well I kinda forgot about this for a while. Im back though and my truck looks a bit different. I have some escalades on it now. Amigo front fenders and amigo bumper. Instead of keeping the valance short on the ends we cut down the middle and added a piece to make up the extra width. I have one of the rear amigo quarters but im still trying to find the last one I need to complete the set. The dash has been painted black and some of the interior has been ripped out. I kinda went a different way with it than I originally planned but it should turn out well. Future plans = coilovers with irs and boost.