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low1994   +1y
hi everyone, i am totally new on the site. From rochester NY. just starting my PUP build, now that its winter time...up here. Figured I would say hello, introduce myself, and say whats going on with my truck so far.which really isnt much.

Ive got a 94 pup, carb'd. basically stock, static 4in drop right now, sanded and primered a light green "sage". Have the suicide doors torsion complete bag kit included all the brackets notches, bag mounts and etc., a full universal FBI 4link set up.belltech 2 in spindles.and through AVS purchases my bag set up. 2viair 380s,contitech 2600's and 2500's for bags. 8 Danz 3/8" valves and all 3/8" dot line. 5 gal tank. press switch and everything else. basically full kit...

Since it is winter now, the plan is to hopefully get it all done before spring...considering the truck is sitting at a static drop now. Not sure if theres anyone else on here from rochester NY or the area that might be of any assistance to me, that would be great. This is my first mini build..i really hope that all you guys here that have amazing pups can be of some help if i run into problems along the way. Hope everyone is well and look forward to meeting some of you . if anyone wants feel free to hit me up on AIM under Prestigiuos1, would be great to get the chance to talk to someone whos going down the same path as I or has already. thanks alot! Peace.
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sicpupidaho   +1y
Welcome to the site. if you have any questions just ask there are alot of guys on here that can help. good luck
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speedylowz   +1y
Welcome to da site!!
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jester2   +1y
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90isuzupup   +1y
Hi there welcome
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