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whats up .... new to the site

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vcsslamedzu   +1y
whats up guys.. i have a 94 pup with shaved doors, shaved mirrors with motorcycle mirrors now there.. droped, toyo 4wd bumper conversion from fbi.. shaved gas lid .. billet steerin wheel.. im pickin up some chrome escalades off one of the guys on here on tues.. also sendin my dash and door panels off to get them covered in tweed....gettin amigo fenders and rodeo conversion kit this week ... me and the guys in vertically challenged plan to have this truck completely bagged and linked for next show season... tons more mods to come very soon as well!!


vertically challenged member
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isuzueh   +1y
hey man welcome to the board sounds like you got a nice ride there. now throw up some pics i wanna see this thing haha
nascarguy3 avatar
nascarguy3   +1y
Welcome to the site man....
vcsslamedzu avatar
vcsslamedzu   +1y
yea its came a long ways since ive gotten it.. ill have pics up in the next few days.. ive been workin 12 hr shifts and havent had time to get some pics
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lowzone1   +1y
welcome aboard. post up some pics. i have a 94 im rebuilding (nose hit). check out my post. what color is your truck or going to be????
vcsslamedzu avatar
vcsslamedzu   +1y
im paintin it a hot hues teal tease.. it will b under teal primer in the next few wks but its black and blue right now... ill get them pics up sat moring cause i havent been able to get home b4 8 so cant take good 1s than
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