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Finally my registration went thru.....

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lowzone1   +1y
Hi everyone,
i registered like 6 months ago and could never log on, never got my email or anything but im here now. my name is Ron and i specialize in Isuzus, mostly 88-95 body styles, pups,rodeos and amigos. i currently am building a crewcab longbed out of a 90 Spacecab. heres a pic of what im working on:

i am also getting a 94 pup this weekend , hit in the nose to drop and do the typical Rodeo conversion (well its a nose hit so nows the time to do it) and hopefully when the crewcab is done, swap in a 88 Corvette front suspension and frame clip i have along with the 350 into the 94. i have alot in the fires right now but like i said im rather knowledgable with the 2.3/2.6L drivelines, what interchanges and have most years Helms manuals for specs and clearances. if anyone wants to hit me up on AIM,@ Lowzone1 and can be reached at . I part out these trucks all the time so if you need something no matter how stupid or small i may have it. im somewhere in the range of building/buying and parting 50 or so Isuzu vehicles. You can see in my driveway i have 2 Rodeos, one was parted the other im driving. its a 2.6L 2wd rodeo dropped of course. i also have a 89 pup in the garage thats being parted but not much left. yeah im addicted.......
thanks and im glad i finally got access to this site
Ron Strub
Rochelle Park NJ 07662
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westanbro   +1y
Welcome to the site. Ive got some electrical things Im trying to figure out and some stuff Im looking for. Ill email you shortly. Nice crew cab by the way.
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speedylowz   +1y
Welcome to the site. that thing is BadA**!!!!!!!!
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