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General Discussion \  New to isuzuscene. got a bagged 94 pup.

New to isuzuscene. got a bagged 94 pup.

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rangerdanger   +1y
sup guys, new to isuzu scene, been on rangerscene though. got a bagged 94 pup. Fixin to be painted red boat flake pearl, and i need some amigo fenders. thanks.

my names randy. hit me up anytime, especially if its to go dragging.
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
wut up randy welcome to the site!
speedylowz avatar
speedylowz   +1y
yeah welcome to da site!!!!!!!
blackls1 avatar
blackls1   +1y
Welcome. were you from?
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
Welcome now wheres pics.
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
Welcome to the site. Those fenders are easy to come by, good luck finding some. Where you from by the way.
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