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hmmmm...feels like the first day in school

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downforce   +1y
wuzap people, well after 2 years not driving a customized ride I found a little isuzu truck to take on as a project....

The reason why i titled the post feels like the first day in school, it's 'cause I plan on doing everything on the truck myself and what better place to find help and assistance than in a site dedicated to the isuzu fanatics. So hopefully I have found the right place and I look forward to bugging you guys with questions and assistance.

Thanks in advanced...
sicpupidaho   +1y
Welcome to the Isuzu There are some good guys on here so ask away.
isuzueh   +1y
dude welcome man!!!
downforce   +1y

Thanks...I've been to the Isuzu side..had a 88 standard cab back in high school, and a rodeo a few years back. (don't shoot me, they were both lowrider style) I always loved the minitruckin style and I can see I found the right place to chill and get my questions answered.

Back in HS

A few years back.

downforce   +1y

Thanks IsuzuEH....I got me a spacecab so I'll be bugging you with questions in the future, you got a nice project.
isuzueh   +1y
thanks man I love that rodeo that looks sweet
/// xception   +1y
Welcome to the site and congrats on picking up an Isuzu. That red Isuzu looks very familar. Was in in MT many years ago. I think I had that on my wall in my room when I was a kid.
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