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nascarguy3   +1y
Is anyone from SOCAL in here, I am in VICTORVILLE...
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isuzueh   +1y
I'm from hamilton about 45 min south of toronto
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oldskewlkool   +1y
gldsuzi avatar
gldsuzi   +1y
Eastern Pa, Levittown
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
I just moved to McKinney, TX which is in the Dallas area.
nuku avatar
nuku   +1y
Canberra in Australia!
lil.low avatar
lil.low   +1y
Sydney Australia
ben thorne avatar
ben thorne   +1y
Queensland, Australia
outsiderz1 avatar
outsiderz1   +1y
Lafayette, Louisiana
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/// xception   +1y
Wow alot of people from Australia. I think its great that sites like this bring together people from all over the world. When I first started out in the scene I only talked with people from my area, now thanks to this site, myspace and SSM that is history.