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Zero Ground Clearance \  June 25th 2011 "Hangin Assed Out"

June 25th 2011 "Hangin Assed Out"

Zero Ground Clearance
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wirenut   +1y
when : June 25th
Time : 1pm till whenever
Where : 7505 SR 162 E , Sumner Wa 98390

last year we had a great time for pics check out

directions from highway 410 take the exit valley ave/ orting highway. go towards orting. 1/4 mile down on the left side of the road before the first stop light. there is a turn lane.

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col. sanders   +1y
Good info before we know it summer will be here and so will the show season too. I will put this on my calendar and hopefully I'll have a little more work done on projekt Finger Lickin if not it's always fun to see other minitruckers and their rides. Can someone make a schedule of the upcoming shows not on a state by state basis but maybe by region like Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, you get the idea?
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wirenut   +1y
one week away , they are calling for perfect weather. so bring what you got. i better see some b sceners there.
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