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wirenut   +1y
hey every body, first thanks again baha

zero ground clearance is based outta washington as of right now we have 10 members. the club was founded in 1995 by erik frazier. i took over in 2010
toddluck   +1y
bagdb2200   +1y
10 members now?? Doing good Andy. Can't wait for your meet this spring/summer.
91extcab   +1y
did zgc seriously drop in numbers...? i remember when pan pan and quite a few others who's names escape me atm, were all part of zgc...
wirenut   +1y
leland- yea we did lose a few over the years. right now down here in south theres me, panpan, josh-trispoke , ryan-mazdalowandslow, willy, russel, mark. up north we have gordy, prescott, chris, andy, dave. so yea we still got a few .

peter- oh yea the hangout is going to be fun
91extcab   +1y
holy shit! josh still goes by trispoke...???? is he still rockin the same wheels he had when he was at start mart...?? and does ryan really count? hasnt his truck been down for a few years... like 6? i know he's been drivin that benz since like 03, maybe 04
wirenut   +1y
yea he is still trispoke. the trispokes rims are now on willy's datsun. and common havnt you seen ryans progress thread on here he is so close to getting it done. it looks awsome
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