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Saying goodbye is never easy

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porkchop69 avatar
porkchop69   +1y
Well it's offical Dragginforce is disbanded because of some BS
people flip because they think th grass is greener on the other side
peace out all u Backstabbers! I'm fukking Rollin solo till I find brothers who care
and know that family should be first!
Thanks for crushing my dream that's cool cuz I can
feel something better coming along!
90-b22dawg [andrew] avatar
90-b22dawg [andrew]   +1y
dont let em hold ya down bro. move on. not worth getting upset over "shit happens"
scrpnmazda avatar
scrpnmazda   +1y
Yeah man dont let this get you down. You know who your real friends are and they will always be there to support you! I went through the same thing a few years back. But ended up getting into the club I always wanted to be in from day one of working on my truck. Magical Minis, we are family and always will be. Last club Ill ever be in. There is something better around the corner for ya. Keep your head up. See ya at some shows this summer!
mazdaman82 avatar
mazdaman82   +1y
they said it man, keep your head up, i was the prez of 2 clubs both went under cuz of bs on the inside....solo it for a bit then start looking in to joining or startin up a new one
porkchop69 avatar
porkchop69   +1y
Thanks fellas yea I'm gonna do the solo thing for a few and get my head on strait and priortys back in order then find some real mini truckers to hang out with I just know u will never see a modified lifestyles sticker on the back of my truck that's where all 6 of my dragginforce crew went. so yea thanks again and I don't care if I roll solo
or not but I know I will be a lowdown even if I'm
camping alone I"ll be there
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