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Air-Conditioning Removal and Install

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lord helmet   +1y
I'm not sure where to put this so mods, if it's in the wrong place please feel free to move it. Just let me know where you put it!

The last time I was at the yard, there was a 2200 with air-conditioning in it. My 87 B2600 does not have a/c at all. It is part of the reason I do not drive the truck in the summer very often. It's just too damn hot when sitting in traffic.

A) If I bought all the pieces from the yard truck, would they work on my truck? (Is my truck already wired for it?)
B) Is there anything that I'll need from the donor truck that is not immediately obvious?
C) Would I need to remove the dash itself to remove or install a/c in either vehicle? (I ask just to ask but I suspect not. I remember that in the '80's, most Japanese cars had a/c as a dealer installed option only. - I watched my dad and uncle install a/c in my step-mom's new Prelude in one day when I was a kid.)

Any one have experience with this? A/C is the one and only thing that keeps me from getting behind the wheel of this thing most days!

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Cusser   +1y
My concerns would be whether the compressor, compressor brackets, and manifold from the compressor from a B2200 would fit. I'd also check to see if they used the same condenser. In-cab parts should be the same, unless changes were made over the years. My own dealer-added AC for my '88 B2200 was from Wynn's in Texas.

Maybe call Tim or Jack at AMA AC in Phoenix 602-233-0090, see if he can answer, or post at forum
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Personally, I would have reservations about installing a 20+ year old AC system; but what do they want for the complete parts from that B2200, and what year is that?
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Cusser   +1y
OK, Lord: I'm at lunch, looked this up for you:

1987B2600 different than B2200, and also different from 1989-1993 B2600i. Might want to call and ask about the differences, or what AMA can do to help you.

1987 B2600

Complete After-Market A/C System (AMA16640-3041)
AMA16640-3041 - Discontinued Item
This item has been discontinued do to availability of components


Complete After-Market A/C System (AMA16640-1023) AMA16640-1023 - Complete After-Market AC System (AMA16640-1023)
Price: $931.31

B2600i (1989-1993)

Complete After-Market A/C System (AMA16640-1034) AMA16640-1034 - Complete After-Market AC System (AMA16640-1034)
Price: $923.88
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lord helmet   +1y
Thanks a lot! That is helpful!
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1klrtoy   +1y
I used one of kits in my 86 B2000 it was not hard to install and had all the parts included to do the install. The system installs just like a dealer unit. Mine has been in for over a year and puts out 45 degree air. I had to fab dryer and condenser mounts and cut, index and have the hoses crimped at a hose shop. Its a pretty straight forward job and the result is cold air on hot days
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lord helmet   +1y
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't my engine used in vehicles such as the Starion, Conquest, Caravan, etc? I would think I could rob some under-hood parts off of one of those cars? Then all I would need is the interior parts that go under the dash and the switch.

I've never messed with a/c before and I'm just thinking out loud here before I get in over my head.

There's a shop in town that has a B2600 4x4 that they are parting. I called them today and the guy is supposed to find out for me if all the a/c parts are still in it. Hopefully I'll here back from him tomorrow.

1KLRTOY, did you have to pull the dash to install your kit? The guy at the shop seemed to think so but considering it was likely dealer installed, I doubt it.
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1klrtoy   +1y
You don't have to remove the dash to do the install, only the glove box, everything is very straight forward with the unit, all high quality parts in the kit. Start to finish it cost a little over 1k, and has proven well worth it for me.
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lord helmet   +1y

It looks like the kit for my truck is discontinued but I may call them tomorrow and see what they say. $1k isn't bad really but if I could source all the parts from another vehicle, I might be able to get well below that. Maybe less than half. I'm cheap and I only paid $1200 for the entire truck! lol
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91_2600i   +1y
Did you get any info out of / AMA?