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clearance issues first annual show!

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baddawg253   +1y
hey guys just a reminder or if some of you dont know we are having our first show aug,13 th sat .last year we just had a get together type deal wich tuned out ok, this year we would like to have a much better turn out! were still working on details but so this is shaping up to be a good time ! for more info or to pre reg. hit us up at att. harlen aka (crush) event cord. hope to see you guys bring out your trucks, cars ,suvs whatever!
baddawg253   +1y
were starting to get sponsors and raffle prizes! should be a killer show !
91b2200(cody)   +1y
where an where is this show ?
hbpllc   +1y
Lots of snow in Connecticut and NY.
beatmymini   +1y

heres some details. if you want to know more just hop over to our site and bug crush. he'll get you all the info you need to know.
fastonthetrack   +1y
Looks like theres gonna be alot of good give aways for the raffle, at this rate everyone might get something.. lol
blazerpimp   +1y
We would still like to make one of your meetings real soon. I was just talking to Frank about trophies for this show season. We are also doing some trophies for Lowdown. Just let us know when your meetings are, we would like to make it.
beatmymini   +1y
our next one is feb 13th @ 6pm at the dennys in fife
blazerpimp   +1y
i might be going to the swap meet at the fair grounds that day, I may just swing in there..
beatmymini   +1y
do it. we would love to have you there.