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Mazdatruckin is back

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1klrtoy   +1y
The site is back up!
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91extcab   +1y
There are a couple things that I've found clicking a link still has that page as being as opposed to But if you change the address bar to have the g in it it works
dan woodland avatar
dan woodland   +1y
I can't see anything but the Tech Section.
cab+rider avatar
cab+rider   +1y

Did you try That's the new site name
axel breaker earl avatar
axel breaker earl   +1y
I've already posted a few times! Woo Hoo!

I'll still stick around here as well......a fine group of guys and gals here also!! Me so happy!
Cusser avatar
Cusser   +1y
On the new MazdaTrucking site: are all the old Forum threads gone? Or, if not, how does one access them now? Thanks
ulrich avatar
ulrich   +1y

Threads are back. I can't seem to find my garage. Also some pics I posted, are missing. Looks like just the pics I uploaded to my garage. Flickr pics are still up.
dan woodland avatar
dan woodland   +1y

Yup, still nothing... tech section only is what I see.
87forever avatar
87forever   +1y
It works fine for me.See all the orig forums.
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87forever   +1y
Ok guys when you enter it shows the old page,BUT double click the tab to the left FORUMS and it takes you to the original home page so you can sign in.It is the second tab below home from memory.Tired as dirt and wanted to point this out being this is exactly what I saw and I guess just did this sat nite out of habit to see the normal page.Might be a small glitch or cookies blocking idk.Ok I am so crashing out.