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Broken Toys Member location map!

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91extcab   +1y
ok guys, broken toyz members only, this is the stick a pin in the map location link. you dont have to use your actual address, or where your house is actually located, but atleast put your map pin in the city in which you live. here is the link to our member map that i created a little bit ago.

lets see exactly where all of our members are!!!
87_b2600   +1y
hey 91 how do you get the tags on to the map lol. thats my question lol.

*edit* never mind 91 lol figured it out lol.
91extcab   +1y
... map additions...? lol
91b22   +1y
86baggedmazda   +1y
nvrdne   +1y
None in Arkansas. 72956 live Van Buren
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