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dawj0789   +1y
its official guys newest member of broken toyz
sahankaface   +1y
congrats bro
toddluck   +1y
i love the sig you chose man looks just like my window banner
and welcome to broken toyz
roger26i   +1y
welcome from tn chapter
mazdawg(mikey)   +1y
oh shit theres a sc chapter. its gonna be worldwide pretty soon lol
bagged89mazda   +1y
todds aiming for iraq next lol.
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Congrats man and ya we are going to get a chapter in every state every province and in every country. We need one in toyko Japan would love to see what broken toys looks like in japanesse writing. LOl
iculookn42   +1y
Welcome to the family bro.
ohsolo   +1y
do you guys have a chapter in British Columbia??
toddluck   +1y
talk to lance he is in Ontario
takes care of all of back bacon eating bruthas