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need input guys

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sleepyspeed   +1y
Okay for the three of us chapter guys Todd, Lance, and myself. Any other members are welcome to add to this also.

I have my guy working on the Ontario logo, he is at wyotech right now so I know he's busy and will take a few.

I have the two logo's right now in full size on the computer and Lance the ontario will be the same. They are like 6.5" tall and about 36" wide I guess maybe we should look into finding the best price and quality. I think we are getting enough guys around that we should be able to get a better rate as a group. I'm tired of waiting for my local guy to do anything. Not to mention there has to better places than what I have in this little area.

Also what is your guys input on the website? The domain expires soon like in 3 weeks. Do we want to make a bigger site that we can add info on the rigs and our own pics? Or is it even worth it? What I have now cost $12 a year so no big deal, but it's way out of date. Also if we do upgrade a club site I will need some help with it cause I'm very very rusty with html.
tucnrim   +1y
Not a member yet, ( in talks with todd ) anyways I know a couple places about an hour or so from me that do vinyls. One of the places also owns show-n-low car club. I know his brother very well and might be able t oget some prices for ya on logos. Other place I used to get my logos for my club done at.

As far as the website goes I think keeping it and adding is a good thing. Doesnt take much for the upkeep. I used to build websites and could lend a hand i fneeded, need to brush up on my html anyways.. lol
v8mazda4ever   +1y
I would definitly be willing to help out but I do not know much about it but am willing to help out with the money part and anything else. The size sounds great all i really need is the disk with it on there as i will get them cut up here i am working out a deal with a friend to get them made in exchange for some space in the shop. I also am going to be getting some hats and shirts done as soon as i have the logo up here that i can take to my guy.
toddluck   +1y
i need to get more info on the logos i need one bad man
baha   +1y

Not to steal the thread but we will be working with clubs to develop and support club websites where you can have your members update their profiles, and keep members updated on club events. We have some big clubs on board so far, and can add yours to the list if you are interested.
v8mazda4ever   +1y
that sound good baha
sleepyspeed   +1y

For Sure! that sounds really cool! I'll cancel the current host on the 19th when it renews, no point in spending money on a site that is going to be old news.
sleepyspeed   +1y

what more do you need todd? It's just a matter of if we can find a deal through one guy or just source it local. As far as the washington logo you should have a copy in the right format that is sized for plotters to cut it.

Lance I haven't forgotten about you and ontario, my boy is working on it and I haven't had time to call him.
toddluck   +1y
i cant find the file you sent it was on my old pc
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Thanks dale just want to get going on this soon.