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Grant Kustoms is back in the forum

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grantkustoms   +1y
Hey everyone, my name is Matt I worked here years ago and am now back. I know we were in here a lot back in the day and intend to do the same now. If you have any questions about parts shoot me a PM and we will also set up a forum discount.

It's good to be back!

baha   +1y
Hey Matt, it's good to see you back! Let me know if you want to get set up as a vendor again.
grantkustoms   +1y
Send me the details we would like to make sure the people in this forum get taken care of on sheet metal and air ride parts.
lowlyfe   +1y
Im going to make an order on thrusday for some hardbody stuff. Is it too soon for a discount?
grantkustoms   +1y

Not too early, when you call ask for Matt and refer to this post.
lowlyfe   +1y
Perfect timing. Thanks
mymmeryloss   +1y
Ever come up with a discount code?
grantkustoms   +1y


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