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ticoracer   +1y
How do I remove the chrome molding around the front windshield without damaging it? also the ones around the cab gutters? is a 91' cab plus.
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onebadkota   +1y
Ive had the same question....I started carefully removing mine (around gutters) ...but i feel there has to be something that i am missing
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89luxury   +1y
i think you need to remove the inside panel in order remove the one around the windows?
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jimbeater   +1y
the windshield trim is held in with special clips that 'snap' into a pin on the body (in the windshield 'housing')... the only problem is when the windshield has been redone and they were put in along with the urethane... then the trim is in there really good. it's fairly easy to end too. just be careful and get the smallest big flat blade (or the plastic interior trim remover would work good), and be very careful when prying/touching the windshield (glass) with it. you may get it off and find the need to dig up some new clips... unless you suspect you will not need to do it again, in which case urethane it up! (careful, it's messy)
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idminitrucker (jason)   +1y
they make a special tool for it. I have one and it works great. they make a couple differnt ones. but what you do is stick one of the points under the moulding and slide it till you hit the clip then hook the clip with the point and lightly pry it out and it will relase the moulding from the clip. the mouldings around the doors you have to start by the mirrors and pry it up from the bottom kinda rolling it off of the pinch weld and work you way to the top. where it is rolled by the roof it is a little harder to get off. and the part around the ext cab windows is bolted on you have to pull the interior out to get to the nuts. and there is a plastic clip at the very bottom by the door.

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onebadkota   +1y
Thanks for the info.....I had started rolling as u are saying, i just wasnt sure if that was the best way or not. I just wanted to make sure i wasnt going to screw anything up in the process i was using. Ive got the interior stripped, but hadnt even looked for any nuts holding the other on... Dumby me i guess...ahh
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ticoracer   +1y
tanks for the info guys! it really help a lot is really hard to find this parts (chrome trim) nowadays, so I did not want it to damage.
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baddawg253   +1y
go to shucks and get a pry tool its a red handle one same kind youd use for door pannels just pry strait up ull probly need some uriethane to hole the chromes down (im a auto glass installer) and useuall ill put the clips on the chromes and dab a lil thane in the clip nubs on the body and then tape the moulding down over night .
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LeeMarkus   +1y
Is this the best way to do windshield replacement or there are some other ways to do it?
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