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The $4, $3, $2, $1 Wiper Wholesaler Closeout is Back!
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A competitor switched suppliers for their private label wiper line and created one of the best Wholesaler Closeout bargains for RockAuto customers ever! Thousands are already in inventory. Thousands have been sold. More are coming!

First-quality wiper blades and refills made by Trico, including the latest "beam-style" blades and specialty products like Winter and Teflon blades, are available priced under $4. Many cost less than $2!

While some of these wipers normally cost over $20, we offer Teflon Shield, Neoform, and other direct fit premium wipers for less than $4 to exactly fit everything from Toyota Corollas to Jaguar XJ8s!

With Winter and Heavy Duty blades costing less than $2, it is the perfect time to replace the wipers on all your family's cars, or stock up on wipers your customers will need. As with all Wholesaler Closeouts, quantities are limited so get them while you can! Many new pallets of wipers are now off the trucks and will be available in the catalog soon. Keep checking back!

Find wipers for your vehicle under &quot;Wiper &amp; Washer&quot; in the <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="" target="_blank"></a><!-- w --> catalog.
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