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RockAuto Discount Code - Expires 11/22/2012
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rockauto   +1y
5% Discount Code: 20A908E83762
Expires: 11/22/2012

Please enter this code in the
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Cusser   +1y
D'oh !!! I just ordered a bumper and a grille for my daughter's "new" '98 Pathfinder Monday evening from Rock !!!!
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emjay   +1y
Hey RockAuto,
As an owner of many different vehicles I wanted to thank you all for having great deals on a lot of the items that I need. I've used your company for suspension parts and bearings for my Civic and my B. I was rather disappointed on your selection of stuff for European vehicles, mainly for my Mercedes. I am needing new flex discs for my 190 and my 300, but I will NOT use anything from the vendor URO as they have a long reputation for making crap that doesn't last. Please do yourself AND other Euro vehicle owners a favor and carry other brands. Febi makes a great flex disc that holds up well.

URO flex disc failure:
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antneee   +1y
Anyone looking for rear shocks, there are some Monroe Sensa-tracks on closeout for a really good price.

Thought I got mine for a screaming deal from rockauto on earlier this month (19.11) just to find that they are now alot cheaper (6.83). Oh wells, not worth the hassle to return them and repurchase them since they dont price adjust.
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