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Camden Supercharger kits any one??

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atkins dan   +1y
Some of you know I own
I make these kits for the toyota & rotary Cars along for the Samari as well

I am being asked at least once a year if I can still do it for the trucks I know I can.
I have 2 intake manifolds for the 2.0 & 2.2L engine for the trucks..
the issue I am running into is I would need to recreate the kit as I know there is something missing..

the kit with out a carb is about 3500 to 4K, I have a few truck that I can use for R&D but wanted to see if there was any interest for such a kit. before I start making parts and pieces for make it complete again.

So please post up on your thoughts as I am sure I am leaving something out..
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sierrax   +1y
So for an F.I. motor the supercharger kit is $3500-$4000? What type of power does it make? Honestly, for that money I would do an engine swap and I can't see anyone spending 4K on an engine with 85hp. If you had a 50% power increase you would still only have 130hp. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see it done but it wouldn't be for me.
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atkins dan   +1y
usually you gain about 40 to 50% more at the flywheel for stock engines..

thank-you for your post as this is why I am asking since these are 25year plus old trucks..

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