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Reproduction Parts..

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atkins dan   +1y
ok Here is a list of Parts that are not available from Mazda

1986 To 1993 Tan & Red Dash Speaker Grills (gray ones are about 2 years before they are done at the rate I am ordering them..

The Red ones I have the last 8 from Mazda
Tan I have the last one.

Both Halves Red Steering column covers..

Would any one be interested?? I have enough new Parts I can send them out and get remade but the price will be higher that what Mazda List was.. in up side of it the Parts will be color coded and the fit will be exact as Mazda ones were..

I will be sending these off later next week to get prices on,,

the speaker grills are about 19 to 25 right now from Mazda.. The column covers are 35.00 right now from Mazda.

So Please post up if there is any other plastics I can send off to remake..

on the Parts that I have in the works would any one want them??
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atkins dan   +1y
is any one interested??

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91extcab   +1y
I'm sure people are, and hell if you could get other interior plastics I'm sure people would like those. Several people have asked me for the set of single cab b pillar interior plastics including the one that connects both sides under the rear window...
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jiffyzx6   +1y
put me in for the column covers (two halves that cover the turn signal combination switch right?

Also would be interested in all speaker covers, heater vents, b Pillar plastics for single cab

color doesn't matter as there all getting painted black anyway.
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fdugn545   +1y
I agree with Leland b pillars and back cab wall are very popular buys... Center consoles are in high demand as well but I don't think that would be worth the trouble. I'm happy to see someone try and get replacement parts though thank you for that...


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Cusser   +1y
Door panels

Hump consoles

Dashboard overlay
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atkins dan   +1y
Ok I will start with what I have now.. as for the pillars and the rear cab parts if you know anyone with new let me know..

To reproduce these parts they have to be new to turn out the best as any defects that are in the used one will be in the new parts.. and we dont want that..

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