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Biggest and best that I can get.

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isaacsmiley   +1y
I want to overhaul my truck and get the biggest and best engine and transmission for a decent price. I prefer some model of rotary engine, but if you think otherwise im open to suggestions. My price range is anywhere from $1200 to $2000. Give me any ideas that you think of. Thanks
thermus avatar
thermus   +1y

I was gonna do a rotary swap bu I lost interest. Small block would he best bet. Parts are a dime a dozen, easy to work on and give plenty of power.
berryserious avatar
berryserious   +1y
Your price range would more or less buy you an overhaul kit in your engine and some of its labor... If you have technical skills you can try on sliding a small block v8 in your truck.. It would be the most bang for your buck... But the driveability might be poor due to constant lack of traction and being very nose-heavy.... My suggestion is to repair what you have......
atkins dan avatar
atkins dan   +1y
Isaac.. if you really want to go Rotary that you will need to find a 86 To 1991 Non Turbo Engine and transmission.. Make it fit the truck and worry about a rebuild once it is fitted in.. Now this also comes in if you have time to do this conversion.. if you dont have the time than you will need to look at fixing what you have..
once you get any engine and transmission let me know what you have and I can tell you some tricks that I know to help you install it..
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