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My Rotary powered 1988 B-Series

Atkins Rotary
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atkins dan   +1y
Here is a link to my 1st Rotary Powered B-Series
I drove this truck from May of 2004 till it was totaled in Jan of 2007

Not the best swap but for this being my 1st one and doing it in a 2month window time frame it worked.. I put about 120K on this truck from the time I started driving it till it was totaled.. I never got to drive this when it was stock as I bought it with a blown engine so it was perfect for me

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col. sanders   +1y
I bet it had some get up and go. How much hp did that setup make and what would that cost the average Joe for parts and labor?
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atkins dan   +1y
Start to finish I had about 14K into it.. I am working on another one right now but due to working sop many hours and Family it has been on hold for about 3 years now.

depending on how you want to build one and how many new\used parts go into it you could possably do it for 8 to 9K range..
with my truck being so expencive is the parts I put into it was all new. verry little of this conversion was useing used parts.

the HP was 275 @ the flywheel.. the transmission in this truck is a 87 non turbo transmission..

once I have the next truck done I will put up photos..

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jenko   +1y
S/C rotary, nice work!
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