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Feb& March 2012 Clutch Hydraulics Special

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atkins dan   +1y
this post will cover the 2 & 4WD models from 1986 To 1993

Here is what it will have

1Clutch Master
1 Short & Long Clutch Hose
1 Clutch Slave

100.00 shipped with in the USA outside the USA will depend on where you are located so please ask for a shipping price..

All Parts will be New in Mazda Or Exedy Packing..

When you are sending Payment please tell me if you have a 2WD or 4WD so your order can be shipped out quicker.

For Payment options Please send me a PM and we will go from here.

I can take Pay-Pal or a Credit card over the phone

Please post up if you have any Questions

for those of you with trucks before 86 and 94 on up if you are needing parts please let me know and I will see what I can do.

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atkins dan   +1y
wow 1 week has gone by with no interests??? am I too high on prices on it is that no one needs anything right now???
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Cusser   +1y
Here's my guess: most of the B-truck drivers have the situation that when their hydraulics go, they need to fix it NOW. I'm not sure most have the luxury of a different vehicle to drive for a few days while they wait for shipping on such a part.

And most aren't going to buy this kind of a part to have in advance, to install at their "leisure", like a replacement fuel tank sender, because it's not a $5 part. That's just my opinion; stuff like fuel sender, temperature sender, brake pads, shock absorbers, ball joints, etc. are more like jobs to replace when schedule permits.

In my own case, I've been told by CarQuest that no more free replacements on my cylinders, I've been to that well too often. But I also have my 1971 VW to drive, or could pull back my Frontier from 100 miles away, if need be.
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atkins dan   +1y
Not upset I was just wondering. I have another thread going that no one is posting on either...

So this week I will put together door seal kits and see what happends..

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simoniz   +1y
Dan, I would have bought a set but I just replaced the whole hydraulic system on mine last month. Sorry bud !
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atkins dan   +1y
No worries.. I figure that most of the trucks still have the original hoses on them when Mazda put it together so this will be a good deal for those that need to replace everything..

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