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Some History Of Atkins Rotary

Atkins Rotary
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We have been building engines for Rx7's and other Rotaries since the early 1980's. Opened our shop in 1982 in Pierce Co Washington.
From 1981 To 2001 we ran an auto repair shop here in Tacoma WA and we covered all Mazda's during that time. As Some Mazda Dealears could care less on maintaining the cars. We became the Shop that would keep your Mazda out of the crusher and on the pavement where it should be. In 2001 we closed the auto repair side and went on-line with our parts for the rotary Engine.
Since 2004 I have been slowly stepping the company back into dealing with the full mazda line up and so far it has been working really well..

Starting 2012 we are offering more and more for the piston engine side of Mazda.
Since we are just starting to add the piston side of Mazda to the web Site you may need to E-mail us to get the part you are looking for. In some cases I will need your Vin # to locate the correct parts

So if you need anything for your Mazda I would like to be your Source for these parts and would like to help keep your Truck on the pavement where it should be..

I am a dealer for Exedy, AEM, Micro-tech & Racing Beat..

my Email address is

Shop # 253-848-7776
Here is a link to out News Letter if you want to sign up

Dan Atkins
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I dont have a lot of parts on the web sit yet but we are working on it.. just 1 thing at a time..
most of the piston side of mazda will be found in my E-bay store

if you do need something that I dont have listed yet please post up or send us an E-mail..
Calling us still works too
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