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Weekly Sales

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guilty by design   +1y
Gonna start doing weekly sales on various random items.

This week were having 50% off pre aligned suicide door hinge kits. Thats $150 off!

89mazdalade   +1y
hey ur a autoloc dealer?? if so how much for a flame thrower kit dual exhaust shipped to 33843 thanks
guilty by design   +1y
the kit runs $199.99 and i would imagine shipping would be $20ish?
hunterw   +1y
Guilty by design is good stuff. Even though he is a parts tease to me lol.
guilty by design   +1y
Having another sale on these hinges including mini and standard size bear claw latches. Sale is good till midnight Friday

himynameischance   +1y
Hey man I'm super interested in a set. What's the installation like? If there is instructions could you send me them? I'm only wanting to do my own work so I want to make sure I can do it before I buy em. Thanks!
guilty by design   +1y
Instructions are included and the kit even has a downloadable .pdf instruction file.
himynameischance   +1y
I'm pretty new to this, would I need to buy the bear claw latches as well? And are they fully bolt in?
guilty by design   +1y
you would need latches and you have to weld in the hinges and latch plates but the latches themselves bolt in
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