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guilty by design   +1y
Heres a old ford ive been working on for awhile on and off again. It belongs to a good friend of mine, he got it from his father out of mexico about 15 years ago. He wanted to have one of the nicest unibodys hes ever seen so we decided to do a full frame, 22s, body it, mustang II frontend, and a fuel injected Lincoln motor (lincolns version of the ford cobra???) The only thing i wasnt feeling was the Mustang II clip, they just dont work that well on air or big wheels and they look like crap IMO so i designed an air ride friendly version that will be available on my website soon.
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It will lay up to a 24 (31'' tire) -3* camber laid out, -1* at 3'' ride height, -1* at 6'', and -2* at 9''. We used a power rack, moog ball joints, and slotted and vented 11'' rotors.
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I got the body and frame mated today so i can start rebuilding the floor structure and mount the body, ill get pics of the frame and motor soon.
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Firewalls done.
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gonna order a ton of steering stuff soon and have the axles narrowed so we have a roller.
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mymmeryloss   +1y
Thats gorgeous shit!
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baha   +1y
Beautiful work, I want to be like Kyle
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