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AJ's Longbed

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guilty by design   +1y
This is a truck belonging to my buddy AJ i did a few months back. I was looking for a mazda to road test my 3 link design and he stepped up so we made it happen.

Not showing many pics quite yet but heres a few

The kit includes my mazda specific notches that mate the mazda framerail and lay a 255/35/20, link bars and wishbone, wishbone crossmember with raised gastank bracketry, hardware, and axle tabs. The flamed bridgeplates arent included but he wanted them so bad i just couldnt say no! As you can see it keeps the crossmember and wishbone below the stock bedfloor. Im doing one more kit on another friends mazda next week to double check everything and they will hit the market! I think the non adjustable poly bar end version will retail around $500 and super pivots will run an extra $125. Keep an eye out!
toddluck   +1y
sweet love the upper bag brackets
mazdaman82   +1y
looks really good man
1tonmazda   +1y
sweet very nice any update on this yet?
guilty by design   +1y
Been waiting on my 2nd test truck to come in. I redesigned the gas tank bracket and tweaked the geometry a lil.
paparoach1983   +1y
hells yeah man looking good
baha   +1y
looks great man
1tonmazda   +1y
well if the 2nd test truck dosent show let me know i will bring my mazda up there from ATL
guilty by design   +1y
Its here local, its just his DD for the time being.
paparoach1983   +1y
hey just curious if you were still doing this or not i havent seen anything on the website either