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What do you want to see??

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guilty by design   +1y
Ive been toying around with a couple mazdas in the shop and im starting to develop some mazda specific parts for everyone. Im currently developing a 3 link that will lay a 255/35/20 and im very inpressed with it. In doing so i came up with a mazda notch that lays on the 255/35/20 with no trimming like the universal ones. Im also making an add on pair of lift bars to make the 3 lik into a 5 link. Soon ill start on arms and even some sheetmetl pieces.

What would you all like to see being made? If you couldnt tell what im doing here is im kinda trying to become the SD of the mazda world, open up the parts market to these trucks and hopefully turn people onto the potential of the mazda instead of building another S10.
elbine69   +1y
This sounds really cool. More affordable arms would be nice to see and the 3 link and 5 link would be awesome. One thing I can think of to consider selling would be a kit to triangulate the lower control arm so the strut rod could be removed. Another thing would be a upper control arm/bag mount. It would be all one piece so all you have to do is cut the stock mounts off and weld this piece on.
guilty by design   +1y
Ive thought about all those, the only one i think may be hard to offer is the UCA tab kit. You really gotta either know what your doing to get them right or i gotta try to make the part as foolproof as possible. I think im gonna try to get a triangulated LCA tube kit setup soon.
mazdaman82   +1y
how about a shave kit, comes with all parts to fully shave a mazda truck, doors, tailgate, gas door...and sale wiper shave kits, and wiper cowl shave kits, mirror shave kits,front corner and tail lights shave kits, of course rollpans for mazda's,
lsonboost   +1y
I was also thinking about the shave kit I made my own and eventually found handle fillers and such but not everything, also conversion brackets for yota bumpers. Also either a shaved cowl or fillers, there is more things i would like to see but just cant think of them right now and yes control arms for sure I havent bagged a mazda yet but will very soon. When do you think the 3 and 5 link will be ready for ordering.
guilty by design   +1y
A shave kit would be sweet. Good thing i have a parts mazda to work off of. I was toying with a smooth wiper cowl earlier and handle fillers would be cake. The 3link should be out in a month or so.
88b22   +1y
I got a chance to check out the progress on the 3 link in person today at the shop and its lookin pretty sick! Should be a big hit when its all finished up man!
mazdaman82   +1y
you guys going to camp n drag
guilty by design   +1y
I will be there but the shop booth is still up in the air. Im actually an ordained minister and will be marrying 2 very good friends saturday evening by the lake. Everyone is welcome to attend!

BTW i made templates for the doorhandle, door lock, and antenna hole fillers. Im gonna transfer the template to CAD and hopefully have them ready soon!
mazdaman82   +1y
wow....that would be cool.....minitruck wedding?

oh ya i would like to meet up with you at the show and talk about some work i want done