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Air ride supplies

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guilty by design   +1y
We also offer a full line of air ride supplies, bracketry, even semi wheels and wheel machining. As of now all orders are on $10 flat rate shipping no atter how big or small. I got all the major manufacturers as well as some good friends parts. If your interested in having your parts offered on my site email me at . Ill be announcing sales and new products as i get them in.
mazdadropped   +1y
hey nice website , looks good. do you have triangulated control arms for a mazda b2200 and its 35.00$ for one wheel fender correct?
guilty by design   +1y
As of now i dont have arms but theyre on the list of stuff to do. Ive gotten quite a bit of mazda specific parts on buddys trucks right now being road tested. Ive got a mazda specific 3 link kit on the road, mazda specific notches, and a front dragproof crossmember.

Yes all prices on the site are each unless stated in the description.
mazdaman82   +1y
guilty i need air ride parts man,i need t-fittings,ptc,unions,tank everything, i got the bags the airline and brackets but i need the rest, ya i know most of the time its different everytime but a basic setup would be good to start with
guilty by design   +1y
would you like a starter pack of sorts? Usually people have totlly different setups, configurations, parts, number of valves, size of valves, etc. A kit would almost never have what you needed in it so i leave everything as separate pieces.

Ill try to thing of something and get it on the site soon.
kidbrootal   +1y
I just want to say I think it's pretty rad that your going to be doing alot of mazda specific parts! Another area to look into would be some stuff for the pre 85's. I know I hated trying to find stuff when I had mine because there is nothing! Keep up the killer work and as soon as your done testing those control arms I will be ordering a set!
mazdaman82   +1y
ya a basic setup for a 3/8s, ya most are dierent but there are the same parts that are needed on all setups like comp, tank, ptc's,the bare basics then we can go from there, as the setup we are going to use will be different from most setups we will have to let you know as we go what we need, but like i said bare basic part are all the same
guilty by design   +1y
Well as i was checking what i can get i came across ASCOs line of nickel plated PTC fittings. Im able to sell most of them to you guys for less than SD is charging for similar plastic fittings. Ill try to get some starter packs together tomorrow.
mazdaman82   +1y
sweet that would be cool,you sale link bolts...9/16 bolts? i need 11 bolts
guilty by design   +1y
I do,