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modPLANT \  Anyone interested in illest decals?

Anyone interested in illest decals?

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modplant   +1y
We are now offering these on our site, they are available in hot pink, lime green, red and white.

$3.99 + Free Shipping!

They are roughly 9" wide and almost 3" tall. Thanks for looking!
robert_paulsen   +1y
i could be wrong but dont think your gonna sell alot of those here, those are more import/jdm car tuning then this website. like i said i could very well be very wrong. if i am then i apologize.
mymmeryloss   +1y

Nope. You're right.
modplant   +1y
I know some guys are into both, is there anything you guys would like to see offered? We would like to start carrying more stickers!

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robert_paulsen   +1y
think you might be able to sell mini truckin stickers, truckin, maybe a mazda outline, i know some of my favorites i had done almost 15 years ago were not sponsored by mommy & daddy, sponsoring the state/city one ticket at a time, i heart fix it tickets, keep your girlfriend, wife or daughter out of my ride, im sure the other guys can chime in with ideas.
atkins dan   +1y
sponsoring the state/city one ticket at a time,

I can relate to that one.LOL. Last I looked I had a total of 14 tickets.. I have been driving since the late 90"s

All for just speeding & 1 for no insurance.. the insurance one was easy I just did not put the updated card in the glove box and the card I had was something like 2 or 3 days out of date.

xxchromeghostxx   +1y
Just tried ordering a set decals, said free shipping, but shipping came out to over 22$ for one illest sticker an mod plant decal.kit promotion.
modplant   +1y
Sorry for this! It has been fixed, just select the modplant free shipping option.

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xxchromeghostxx   +1y
Thank you! How come no.older gmt400 options offered or is it only those available listed or more to come just curious
modplant   +1y
They just haven't been added to the site yet. Please pm me with what you are looking for and we will get the parts for you!

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