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modPLANT \  Free Truck DVD with $75 and over Order! Limited Time!

Free Truck DVD with $75 and over Order! Limited Time!

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modplant   +1y
Hey guys we are able to offer a promotion for the next 30 days.

Free DVD with any order over $75 for the next 30 days while supplies last! You must mention FREE DVD in your order comments or PM us when you order!

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Some of the selections:
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Again below is just a sample, please visit our website for more options. Also if you would like something you can't find on our site let us know.

Thanks for looking!
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mymmeryloss   +1y
Ordered! Thanks!
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modplant   +1y
Offer has now ended, thank you all who took advantage of this offer!
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rcogan   +1y
damn, i always miss the free stuff
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modplant   +1y
I know how that feels. I tell you what, just for mbs members we'll honor this special for one more day until 4/27/2013 at 11am eastern standard time!

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