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Mazda B Series 3/4 Drop Kits from DJM

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modplant   +1y
Check our Forum on here for the MBS Discount Code!

Hey guys I know a lot of you prefer to crank your torsion bars and install blocks in the rear but we offer a complete kit if you would like to go with new control arms designed for drop.


Kit Includes

3" front Calmax Control Arms
4" rear Lowering Blocks
Full list of instalation instructions
Limited lifetime warranty


Front Drop Amount: 3"(inches)
Rear Drop Amount: 4"(inches)
Installation: Bolt on Installation
Shocks: Sold Seperately
Constructed with 1/4" Steel tubing
Urethane Bushings

Thanks for looking!
fdugn545   +1y
Could u install these and still re index torsions a lil bit and get even more drop?

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modplant   +1y
Sure you can do that. You might want to do that first and see if you still would like the kit. I know you can drop your truck with out this kit but to a point the camber adjustability will be an issue.

What did you use to lower your truck?
jaboody   +1y
You can get the same set up at summit for about 250, shipping included.
modplant   +1y
If we can't beat a competitors price we'll do our best to match it!

We'll match Summit Racing's Price, pm if you are interested.
86baggedmazda   +1y
u guys have good prices on parts but the price to ship is crazy if u guys didnt charge so much for shipping i would have bought my 8 valves and compressors off u guys but i had to go somewhere else that didnt have a crazy shipping prices
modplant   +1y
Bummer, can I ask where you ended up going? I wish shipping wasn't so expensive too.
86baggedmazda   +1y
i went to IllusiveDesign& i got my 8 valves compressors and front brackets and shipping was only 30 bucks vs ur 151 for just the compressors and front brackets .... u guys need to lower shipping cuz it dont cost that much i work for UPS so i know there prices if u guys had a better price in shipping i would be buying everything i need from u guys
modplant   +1y
151 is crazy to spend on shipping! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I haven't been able to recreate that high of a shipping quote but let us know next time, we'll do our best!
86baggedmazda   +1y

i will look into buying parts again if the shipping right i will buy parts i need from ur company
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