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modPLANT \  This weeks special Air Springs - 10/24

This weeks special Air Springs - 10/24

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modplant   +1y
Dat Dood told us he needed a deal on Air Bags and we listened! From now through 10/24 all Air Bags that are in our online catalog are 10% off!

Check out the link for the complete listing

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If you need something we currently don't have listed let us know. If it's an Air Bag we'll add it and give you 10% off of it too!

Thanks again Dat Dood!
dat dood   +1y
What do you recommend for an 03 Ram Crew Cab Cummins Dually? I need em for the front and rear (kinda want a 3 bellow for the rear).
modplant   +1y

I would do Slam Specialties SS7s or SS8s in the front and Slam Specialties SS8s in the rear. Conitech does make a tripple below bag. Do you want it for the load handling?

I think I saw you on but I would also check with those guys and see what they think. There are a lot of bagged and even bodied duallys on that site!
dat dood   +1y

Mainly, I want the best ride I can get out of the front. In the rear, I want ride, stroke, and load capacity. Yup, I'm on duallyscene, too.
modplant   +1y
I would definitely go with the Slam Specialties then. Since they deliver more force per PSI you can run less PSI per stroke height which makes for a softer ride.

Another big factor that determins the ride is bag placement. In the front you're limited to where you can mount the bag but in the rear a bag over bar set up will always be a softer ride than a bag over axle type one.

Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with!
modplant   +1y
One week left on this special!
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