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Grand Opening! Coupons Inside!

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modplant   +1y
Hey guys I just wanted to officially announce that our online store is up and running. We have around 50 products so far with more being added every day! As always if you can't find something you are looking for let us know! We are more than happy to get it for you. Let us do the hard work of searching. Before I list out some parts for Mazdas here are the coupon codes for this site. We offer a standard discount of 5% to members after the grand opening.

Coupons For the grand opening:

Orders over $100 receive $5 off with coupon code GO100

Orders over $200 receive $10 off with coupon code GO200

The coupon code for members of this site is YSN56985 for 5% off all orders!

For all of your air suspension needs:

Torsion Bar Front Bracket Set

Viair Compressors

Slam SS Series Bags

Mazda Drop Kits:

3/4 Mazda Drop Kit

drop blocks included but not pictured.

We should be adding Grant Kustom Roll pans, B Pillar Shavers, and Tailgate Skins later this week!

Any questions feel free.

Thanks for looking!
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modplant   +1y
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mazdaman82   +1y
whats the price on the b-piller shave kit, is it going to be cheaper from you?
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modplant   +1y
Yes sir, we match any price, and of course you can use the coupons to save!

Standard price 128.99 then with our grand opening special use your coupon code GO100 to save $5 off your order for a total of $123.99 + shipping
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otterboy47   +1y
Good prices!!! Damn, Pay day is a week away!!!!
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modplant   +1y

We'll take care of you man! We are running the grand opening special until August 1st 2010
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modplant   +1y
Thank you for the orders so far, just as a reminder we only have one more month until the Grand Opening Special ends!
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rbriggs   +1y
sweet thanks ill be using that
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modplant   +1y
Let us know when you are ready
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