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Welcome to modPLANT!

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modplant   +1y
Hey guys I just wanted to introduce you to modPLANT and tell you about what we have to offer. We are a new custom parts super store in Metro Atlanta, GA specializing in well everything. While we specialize in everything we will be focusing on the less extreme stuff to get more people involved in this awesome hobby we all share! We are currently getting our website up and going but until it is up feel free to message us with any parts you may need.

We carry:
Lowering/Lift Kits
Air suspension parts
Exterior accessories
Clothing and more!

All members get 5% off orders, and we have a bulk load of mbs decals we include in every order.

You can contact us by phone, mail, or email.


PO BOX 3046
Loganville, GA 30052

Thanks for checking us out!
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toddluck   +1y
very cool rob
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paparoach1983   +1y
bouts how long till you think the website will be up
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modplant   +1y
We are just uploading products now so hopefully by end of next week there will be a good selection for you guys

If you need something sooner let me know I'll take care of you!
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hunterw   +1y
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90-b22dawg [andrew]   +1y
rob who is this thats starting this shop?
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mazdamandan   +1y
very cool , wish I was closer, will you be shipping to canada / alaska, etc?
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jchristian   +1y
cant wait till you get this up
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modplant   +1y
Hey guys thanks for the response!

Things are going better than expected! We should have all the videos in our store by the end of the day Friday but if there's something you need sooner please feel free and I'll add what you need to the store first
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modplant   +1y
Hey guys we are still adding all our products but if you want to go ahead and check it out you can start shopping

So far we just have air bags, and videos here:


I'll make an announcement once we have lots for you to look at!

Thanks for looking!