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Cargo Lap bulbs for new silverado

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krewzlo   +1y
I want to replace the stock cargo lamp bulbs in my 07 nbs silverado 2500HD. It says they are a 921 bulb, but cannot find any led replacements on your website or any for that matter. Are they the same as another bulb or not available. Thanks for your help
someotherguy   +1y
Those are the same # bulbs used in the 88-98 body style for cargo lamps. I hope if Breen's got some they're designed better than the ones V-LED's sells. I've been real happy with most of their stuff but I bought some 921's from them for my cargo/3rd brake light, and they didn't work out too well. It seems the sockets are so goddam tight (anybody that's changed bulbs in these knows what I mean) that it popped the leads loose inside the LED's, and they shorted out. When they lit up, they practically caught fire.

I had bought them for both the cargo and the brake light functions. Here they are, along with the "way too long" reverse lights I bought. That's not V-LED's fault, I chose them knowing they were really long but hoping I could find a way to make them fit.

stroker52   +1y

the link above should be the ones for your truck.. i would go with the 921-NW12

i get all my LED stuff from them.. i did my dash in my 96 and all the inside light they came in fast and alot better then the ones people are buy off ebay..

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