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InteriorLED conversion for Chevy and GMC

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breen   +1y
This is for the 95-99 GMT-400 truck and SUV gauge clusters.

Things you will need for the 95-99:
(6) 194 LED bulbs for the gauge cluster, (2) 194 LED bulbs for the four wheel drive shifter on the floor, (2) 194 LED bulbs for the courtesy step lights that shine on the floor (one on each side), and (1) more 194 LED bulb per door for the door panel lights. The bulbs you want are available from

I used the 194/211 5xSMD LED they are really bright and don
getsum   +1y
thanks for this. Can you PM me a price for converting a CC to all LED? Dash, HVAC, Doors and courtesy.
krewzlo   +1y
Are the domelight bulbs much brighter than stock? I always hate the lack of light in my dually.
breen   +1y
Mine are extremely bright and they are blue.I put one in each of my dome lights, my truck has one in the center and one in the rear. I use something similar to this.

krewzlo   +1y
What is the price on those? Are they really blue or do they come in a white light?
breen   +1y
getsum- PM sent!

krewzlo- I have them in red, super white, extreme blue, and a pink/purple color... They run aound $12-$15 with the 211 adapter...
ameritowruston   +1y
I would like a price on this set too. I want to convert everything on the truck to L.E.D or HID.
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