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Please Welcome New Vendor!

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baha   +1y
Hey guys we just got a new vendor. Please welcome Brian and the rest of the ALLHID team! They specialize in interior and exterior lighting and HID/LED conversions.

breen   +1y
I just wanna say thanks for the welcome! I am looking forward to the potential relationship building! I love talking trucks! I am here to help everyone with their lighting needs... Thanks again, Brian and the ALLHIDS team....
possmguts   +1y
Welcome fellow low rider! What sort of high beam set ups do you have? Im running low beams only right now and want to do the all 4s on high beam mod.
breen   +1y
We have 35 and 55 watt kits from 4500k to 12000k normal, slim, and super slim ballasts... I'm putting together all on harness's for our trucks...
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