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Tennessee Wheel and Tire \  need chevy 8x10 adapter dimensions!!!

need chevy 8x10 adapter dimensions!!!

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93blazedlowlife   +1y
have a srw 93 chevy im bagging and all that good shit but i have a buddy who owns his own machine shop and wants to mill me a set i was wondering and hoping if yall could send me the dimensions thanks
krewzlo   +1y
Not to be a dick but why not try calling Coke and ask them for their recipe... Kind of a slap in the face posting in a vendors forum asking for their specs so you can build your own and not buy from them...

Price out the studs and nuts and it wont be much cheaper than just buying a set.
mdub4life29   +1y
Agreed but if ur buddy is a machinist he could measure ur hub bore, bolt pattern and wheel bore and machine them just fine
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