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Dually hub/extension/semi adapter??

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krewzlo   +1y
Hey Trevor,

Just been sitting here pondering ways to get my wheels to tuck on the front without spending $1200 on control arms or making the fenders wider. I am about 1/2" from clearing the face of the wheel on the fender. I have raised the openings to clear the lugs but they still won't fit. Have you ever thought about an adapter like this and utilizing a srw rotor/hub?

Instead of the 8 bolt pattern on the wheel side, make them with the 10 bolt pattern for the semi's. They would need to be real close to 3" face to face to work with stock arms and 3/4 ton rotors/hubs.

On the newer chevys, fords and dodges that use these type extensions from the factory, your adapters bolt on to them anyways, correct? It would eliminate one piece and 32 lugnuts.

Just trying to think of other ways to save the money for control arms. Obviously these would cost more to make, but can't imagine $1200 more.
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