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Kenworth Alcoas?

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d.fens   +1y

The wheel at lower left. Kind of a triangular shaped hole. Been told these are "diamond hole Kenworths".

I asked Lock about these a minute ago, but I'm not sure I described it right and haven't been able to find a pic until now.

Are they still in production?
lockone   +1y
Not in production anymore. You will have to find them on the used market to get a set. Kenworth now builds their wheels in the 6 spoke oval hole design.
d.fens   +1y
Thanks for the confirm.

So I'm looking for hub-pilot wheels, 22.5".

Are all semi wheels the same offset or does it matter? Would suck to have to track down ten wheels to get four (or six) that match.
lockone   +1y
Most are the same but there are some odd wheels in circulation. The most common and most used is a 22.5x8.25 hub piloted 10x285.75mm.
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