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SRW axle with 22s

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90yota   +1y
Im still new here but I've been reading up on what it takes to run the big semi wheels on certain axles. I've got an 85 crew cab SRW and I wanna run 6 22s on it. I understand that I can convert my axle over to dually hubs and brakes to make it a C&C rear quite easily. And i understand that the inner wheel would not fit because of the stock leaf springs/frame, but im gonna be building my own rear frame and link setup. so my question is, is it possible to just bolt up the adapters to my axle and run 4 semi wheels if I had the clearance for the inner wheels? Or do I specifically need to have DRW hubs?... Also if it makes any difference, I'll be doing the disc brake swap as well. Thanks
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wide load c-30   +1y
Yes it is possible. Check out "comegetsome's" build thread.
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got6wls   +1y
I did the same with my single cab, only had to modify the wheel wells in the bed. All 4 Semi's oout back, the sit really close to the leafs but are fine. My build thread is slow but it is in process. Im buildin a 79 Single Cab.
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comegetsome   +1y
i have a 1985 dually...Im running a SRW axle out of a 1997-1998 2500 truck...i have 4 semi wheels and didnt have to widen the rear fenders or narrom the frame....i also had room to mount my 2x3 tubing 2 link between the inner wheel and frame....check out my build thread for pics
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90yota   +1y
That's awesome... Thanks for the quick responses guys.
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