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could use some advice on wheel adapter issue

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scooter   +1y
i have a 96 1 ton chevy that i converted to 99 3/4 ton hubs to tuck 22" frl. rims in the front. the issue that i found was the adapters that i have (unknown make) hit my calipers, i used a 1/4 spacer to solve this issue.. here i am about 4 monthes of driving and i snapped 4 wheel studs on one side!! thinking old studs, i replced all with new, about 4 monthes later snapped again!! the studs are the same size as the 1 tons so i think the issue is in my spacer. my adapters are hub centric but because i needed the spacer it now relies on the studs only. as far as i know all adapters are hubcentric but the pics of yours look like they are bevilled for the hub lugnuts? the only thing i can think of doing to fix this is to drill my hubs for 5/8 studs and drill my adapters to accept an acorn type nut. do you have any suggestions? thank you in advance.... chris. by the way, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!
scooter   +1y
i know the 3/4 hub has been done over and over, what am i missing? i only changed the hubs, are the calipers different?
scooter   +1y
160 views and no help?? No one has ran 3/4 ton hubs?
tuckinuts   +1y
Scooter, The 3/4 ton rotor is the same as the 1 ton SRW rotor so you need to look into the 1 ton SRW calipers. The calipers are different between the SRW and DRW but bolt right up to the spindle. This may sound a lil ghetto but all you have to do is change calipers and keep better than 1/4 pad thickness on the brake pads (just bend out your squealers) and you should be able to go without your spacers. Hope this helps, Darrell
lockone   +1y
You may want to check the actual hub bore on the 3/4 ton stuff. We have had some cases where the hubs on the 3/4 ton were slightly bigger than the 1 ton. Your Chevy should be 4.567" and the 3/4 ton may be 4.60, not very much but enough to make a difference.
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