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rick ross   +1y
What up Lock? I just picked up a 01 bagged and bodied dually. It has death wobble unless you set it right at the sweet spot which is kinda low. My question is when you guys mount and balance the 22s do you put weights on? I ask because mine dont have any. Just hoping for a simple solution before I start spending unnessesary money. I was planning on stopping by there Friday on the way home but came thru Tennessee at the wrong time.
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
We balance them several ways. One way is with the Equal powder inside of the wheel. Then the other options are with either stick on or knock on weights.
azsprsprt avatar
azsprsprt   +1y
can you tell me more about the equal powder, this is something i have been considering
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
It has its pros and cons.
Pros are it is easy to do and can balance without a machine. A 265/35/22 will take about 32 grams of powder (little over 1 oz) sometimes they will take a bit more. It is also always correcting the balance of your wheels by shifting between the low spots on the tires.
Cons are that you get a lot of hop in the tires at low speed from the media shifting around until you hit about 35mph and it hits the low spot on the tire. This happens every time you stop and some people mistake it for the wheel/tires riding poorly.

I have mixed reviews on this from my customers. Some of them love it and say it rides like factory and some say that is just gets on their nerves at low speeds.

I have them on all of my dually trucks with big wheels except for the lifted trucks and we use stick/knock on weights with them.
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