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Need some advice

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dropd80s   +1y
Just bought a 99 2WD F350 DRW crew cab. I am going to put the DJM 3/5 on it and want eaither a set of 22" or 24" petes. Curious what size tires you reccommend with either size wheel and this suspension set up? Also, what can you do to get my wheels to sit in the fenders like this truck? Are the faces just milled?
Can you PM me a price on adapters and wheels (6), with what ever machine work needs to be done for them to fit like this truck shipped to 76310?

Thanks man.
big bear   +1y
any pics of your truck man ? sounds like a sweet project you got planned. i love the truck in this pic. clean and basic yet custom. and rocking my dream rims damnit everyone haha somebody do me a favor..are those, 22s or 24s in that pic ? i only have a thumbnail size pic, my computer acting up again.
lockone   +1y
In 22s I would run a 305/40/22 and in 24s I would go with either a 295/40/24 or 305/35/24.

The truck in the pic you attached has 24s on it with what appears to be a305/35/24 tire. The back wheels still stick out past the fender but it is hard to see that because of the angle that the picture was taken.
Also the in the back, the inner wheel is a 16" and the 24s looks as it has been face milled. Probably sticks out past the fender about an 1" or so.

PM sent.
wide load c-30   +1y
Those are literally my wheels and spikes before I owned them. There is nothing special done to the faces. He was running 305/35-24's with a 285/75-16 inner on a 3/5 drop. He is now running 6 Peterbuilt 24's with 295/35-24's and the rear wheels stick out even more due to running 4 rear semi's. The truck is an '03 with an '05 front. I had an '05 with 6 Alcoa classics and the rear wheels would stick out a lot more because the '05 trucks have a different rear.
big bear   +1y
haha what a small world man.
dropd80s   +1y
big bear:
I will get some pics of my truck up when I get something done to her still stock right now.
I agree on this truck, its actually why I bought mine....

Tanks for getting back to me so quick. I'll let you know as soon as I decide what I want to do.

wide load C-30:
I have seen pics of your 05 on You sold them because you started to weld out of your truck right? Man I saw the 03 I posted at scrapin the coast and came home and bought my 99. We were talking to Carlos and Trenz at STC but I wasn't sure who the dually belongs to? Saw it again at THW and now I am really dieing to get some 24s on my truck. Love your square too bro, I can't wait till I get my SFBD square rollin.
wide load c-30   +1y
Yes that was me on
It used to belong to a guy named Geo but now belongs to Robert.
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